Miller Lite went to the mat with Bud Light. Great taste was a given for both. But Miller Lite won with lower carbs and calories. We just needed to communicate this in a compelling, attention-getting way. This poster was one of many that were displayed nationally in high-traffic stores. 


21A was one of the first craft breweries to offer high-end microbrews in a can. The two owners/head brewmasters had quite the history behind  how they came up with their tasty creations. Knowing that beer drinkers tend to have some time on their hands, we decided to use the space on the cans to their fullest potential to tell the unique (slightly embellished) story behind each beer. 

Monk's Blood Belgian Ale

Allies Win the War Collaboration Ale

The brewery knew there was strength in numbers. That's why they partnered with Ninkasi Brewing to create their first-ever Collaboration Ale. Based off the famous Yalta Conference, we re-wrote beer history using a journalistic style. Every one of the 1500+ tasty words were carefully selected to tell the story.